Brazil diary: Pico do Jaraguá

Day 7
The past few days have been very chaotic. Sleeping long, leaving late in the afternoon after getting ready very quickly and coming home early in the evening because it's getting dark so early and the traffic gets so hectic from as soon as the sun goes down. That's why I haven't had the time to post anything in the past 3-4 days. But not much has happened during that time. Only shopping shopping shopping. And because of this I got behind schedule and didn't have the possibility to write anything about our trip to the Pico Do Jaraguá of saturday yet. This point is the highest one of whole Sao Paulo. It's the also the highest mountain that you can find here in SP, and we drove all the way up there. You could also park the car on the foot of the mountain but we had a little kid with us so we decided to drive up instead of walking all the way. You had two stops on this mountain. One were you could see the whole panorama but couldn't look all the way around, and then the spot where you got to the highest peak of the mountain. After climbing 200+ stairs we finally got to the top of the Jaraguá, and oh what a view! From far in the city, you could already see the tower where you go up on when you're on the top of the mountain. It's a television/radio radar that's been build up there to have the best reception (obviously...), but it seriously messes up the nice view. I kinda had mixed feelings going up that mountain because I really don't support this building crap onto green environment, but once I was on that tower, I couldn't believe my eyes. What an incredible view. It felt like I was standing on top of the world. You could see all around Sao Paulo, including the mountains far away close to the sea. For anyone who visits Sao Paulo, this is the place to be! It is definitely worth the travel!

After enjoying some time and the sweet view from on the Jaraguá, we headed for the Chacara again. To take care of the dogs. The good thing was that we had good weather this time so we could enjoy the view and the nature more than last time. And when we got back home, we had a party waiting for us. A party that the family planned especially for their family from Belgium. With lots of food and drinks and a lot of family we haven't met before. A good ending to a perfect day, yet again. (Pictures will be up later, the picture uploading thing from blogger isn't working properly).
With still 5 weeks left ahead of us and FINALLY some good weather, we are very eager for what this country and city has left for us to discover. 

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