Brazil diary: The oriental neighborhood of Sao Paulo

Day 12 & 13
Today was a kind off a confusing day. Yet again, it took us so long to leave the house and head into town. With only one goal in mind: shopping. And especially, looking for beauty stuff like nail polish, things for the hair and for the hands and nails. So we ended up in "Oriental town". Why this name? Well, I guess the pictures say enough already. We driving off the highway, we already spotted the red street lamps hanging over the road. "Chinatown of Sao Paulo" was the first thing that came up in my mind. After walking around a bit we noticed that there weren't only Chinese people living here, but people from all around the oriental part of the world. And with that, the cheap shops and weird stuff came to our notice. Sushi bar here, Korean restaurant there, Oriental garden at your left side and Japanese supermarkets at your right side.

The first store we entered was a super big cosmetic store from 6 floors high that sells professional stuff  for hairdressers or people from beauty centers and everything. You could find everything there! So of course we ended up with bags filled with nail polish, hair dye, hairspray, special shampoo,.... All for cheap prices and super good quality. Now lets hope that all our new stuff will fit in our luggage haha.

After the shopping part we wandered around the streets for a little bit more and went home. It was a very exhausted but good (shopping) day. And not to forget: money well spend! 

The day after (day 13), mom and I got up at 7am to join Junior with his little delivery business. We started at 8 am, drove around whole Sao Paulo and to other cities next to SP to end up back at 4pm. For him it was work, for us it was more like a personal chauffeur that drove us around SP and showed us around. This was a very good and productive day even though we spended most of our time in the car. We saw more of Sao Paulo then we had seen before. This roadtrip was all we needed to catch up with time we had lost over these1.5 week we have been here in Brazil. And we are so ready for the 4 more weeks that are left to come. We are ready for the adventure!

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  1. Hey Amy. Those pictures are stunning, I definitely love that vintage/analog vibe! Would you mind telling me about your editing process? —Steve