Brazil diary: Nossa Senhora Do Brasil and Parque do Ibirapuera

Day 6
Today we woke up late. After a long and wild night we decided to sleep long, get up and leave whenever we felt like. We didn't have any plans so after eating breakfast and getting ready we took the car and just drove around town. After some car sightseeing, we ended up at the Nossa Senhora Do Brasil church. The most beautiful church in whole Sao Paulo that has a wedding waiting list for 4 years. And when entering the church, I immediately understood why. I/we were all stunned by the amazing inside of the church. Everything hand painted, mosaic everywhere, a million candles and lights surrounding all the furniture inside and gold laced parts everywhere. The hand painted ceiling caught my attention right away. It was so incredibly beautiful, I couldn't believe my eyes. I've never seen anything like this before. So many bright colors. Just amazing. We just didn't want to leave this church anymore, it felt like we were trapped inside by the beauty of this place. So we stayed inside for a long time, just to make sure that we absorbed everything, especially the amazing art and the atmosphere of the church. 

We drove around some more, through the busy streets of Sao Paulo, a big park named 'parque do Ibirapuera' eventually caught our eye. Once entered, it felt like we were in Central Park. Dogs and people everywhere, couples making out, joggers more than we could count, and a lot of animals and nature. All of this green is considered as the lung of the city. You could immediately feel a whole different air surrounding the trees and people in the park. The gas smell was gone and your mood instantly went from stressy to totally relaxed. Palm trees, cactuses and very old trees everywhere. Even some of the trees looked like they were crying. So after walking around the whole park, this became our last stop of today. Because it's winter here at the moment, it gets dark early in the evening, so there was not much left for us to see in the dark. We drove home through the Paulista Avenue and ofcourse got stuck in traffic. But that was okay. We had a nice evening, in traffic, but could observe the street and it's people bit by bit. A nice ending to a nice day. 

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