Brazil diary: Rua 25 de março

Day 5
Waking up without any clue of what would be happening today, we got ready and left the house. Rua 25 do Março was our destination of today. The family told us some things about this street, but when we arrived, we never thought it would be so... crowdy/chaotic/smothering as described. But once you were there for some time, you got used to the massive amount of people. With our purses close to our bodies, we walked through the street looking for cool stuff. Which we eventually found. There was so much that we couldn't resist not buying anything, haha. Rue 25 do Março is a very long street, partly going uphill, with a lot of cops securing the place and a lot of small stores mainly selling jewelry, purses and accessories. There were probably 100 cops looking for thieves or people who misbehaved and were looking around to catch some people who tried to sell water or other stuff of their own on the streets without any permission to do that. What bothered me a lot were these women standing outside every store trying to sell these massage things by massaging EVERYONE'S back. And they always caught me by surprise... 

We spend the whole day going in and out a 'million' small stores, ending up with not much except some accessories. But treated ourselves with a nice meal in a big fruit hall after a hard and long day of shopping. This street was worth visiting and shopping in, but hell no, I'm not doing this again in the next upcoming 2 or 3 weeks... 
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