Brazil diary: a small view of Sao Paulo inner city

Day 4
Day 4 already, time is passing by quick. After a long morning, we headed out into the Sao Paulo inner city to do some sightseeing. We didn't have much time so we did everything real quick but with our eyes wide open so that we wouldn't miss a single thing. Our day started slow, just like every other day. The brazilian people have the habit of staying up late and sleep long, while the belgians are early birds and always up very early in the morning. So our mornings always start very slow, but once everyone is ready, we're ready to go! By 'onibus' we headed out towards the city. After 30 minutes of feeling way to uncomfortable in the overcrowded bus, we arrived in the city centre. A very big place but yet again way to overcrowded. But that's how it goes in a big city. We went inside a very big mall and headed for the 'galleria of rock', the rock gallery. On the lowest floor you found probably about a 100 shoe stores, mostly skate shops with a wide range of awesome sneakers. On the second floor you found again about a 100 stores but then with cd's, shirts, accessories,... about/referring to rock, metal,... And in between those shops you could find a variety of tattoo shops that sold plugs, piercings and where you could get yourself tattooed. Super cool. We didn't know where to look first haha. After 2h of wandering around in the galleria do rock, we went out to explore the city for a little bit but didn't have much time. After 30 minutes we went home because we were scared of getting stuck in traffic. You have to get out of the city before 6pm otherwise you will be stuck in the over flood of people trying to get home from work, so we took the subway to get home.
But even in this small period of time, we discovered a big piece of the city and I can say, it was impressive. 
Moms pictures: 
(Part of the) family picture. 

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  1. Galleria Of Rock, zo'n machtige plaats daar!

    1. Ja, super machtig! Kon er maar geen genoeg van krijgen!