What do you wear today? - First day of spring.

Hey people, I'm back to business after being away for such a long time again. Had my finals, I've been so busy with school, my boyfriend and traveling that I forgot how much fun I have writing and running this blog. But now that spring has begun, I'm taking a new start and gonna overload Weeko Sinopa blog with picture diaries, "what do you wear today?" posts, new stuff I buy, thrifted finds and DIY posts. So if you have suggestions of DIY's or outfit posts or anything, just hit me up, I love having new ideas and inspiration from my readers. 

Okay so today if our first real spring day and I had to make a new outfit post! From the moment I woke up this morning, I had this instant feeling of happiness when I heard the birds whistle, saw the sun shine through my window and felt the a cool but not cold breeze blowing in my hair. SPRING IS HERE! And spring means: bright colors, heels, tops, skirts, dresses, hats and ofcourse sunglasses! (of which I forgot to take with me this morning -sigh-) 


The most incredible gift someone ever gave to me. Thanks to my loving boyfriend for this awesome camera 


 Salmon colored sweater: thrifted/ Washed off light blue pants: Zara/ Heels: American Eagle outfitters New York. 

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