Berlin picture diary: oh beautiful Berlin

Because we just started the new year and we all made some wishes, resolutions and stuff we want to accomplish this year, I want to start of today's blog with telling you that the thing I promised myself was that I wanted to work more on my blog this year. I kinda abandoned it because of the lack of time but I'm back in business and a lot of picture diaries, fashion posts and what I wear today posts will follow. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New year's eve. I had the most wonderful Christmas and Christmas week ever. Had so much fun and spending this day with my man and his family and friends made me so happy. I've never been so happy in my life before. So here are some following pictures of Christmas eve and the trip my boyfriend and I made to beautiful Berlin. We visited the Berlin aquarium, went to see the fireworks, went shopping and discovered the beautiful city. Wish we never had to leave! 
Enjoy the pictures and I wish you all a good beginning of 2013 and I hope all your wishes may come true. 
Christmas eve: 

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