SALE! Selling half of my closet

This blog is meant for the girlies among you who'd love to spend some $$. I'm selling almost half of my closet, old stuff, new stuff but also pieces of clothing I still love but no longer need. The reason why I'm selling my clothes is because I need some change in my life and I guess this is the right way to do that. So if you are interested in something just leave me a message here or on Facebook so that we can arrange something and if you're willing to bid on something you like, don't hesitate to ask me, I'm willing to change the prices if necessary :) 
Loafers: Minnetonka - worn once
Size: EU 39 - 15 euro (SOLD)
Wedges: H&M - never worn (they don't fit me sadly enough) 
Size: EU 38 - 10 euro 
Heels: ZARA (SOLD)
Size: EU 38 - 10 euro
Creepers: Secondhand (SOLD)
Size: EU 38 - 5 euro
Pants: american eagle outfitters
Tie-dyed it myself
Size: 36 (european size) (SOLD)
10 euro
Shirt: ZARA
Size: Small - 5 euro
Blouse: ZARA
Size 36 (european) 
8 euro (SOLD)
Shirt: ONLY
Size: 36 - 5 euro
Shirt: American apparel 
Size: Small - 10 euro 
Shirt: H&M 
Size: 36 - 5 euro
Top: H&M 
Size: Small - 3 euro
Top: H&M (SOLD)
Size: small - 3 euro 
Blouse: secondhand store
Size: small - 5 euro 
Skirt: ZARA
Size: small - 8 euro 
Cardigan: H&M
Size: small - 8 euro
Wide shirt: ZARA (SOLD)
Size: medium - 8 euro 
Shirt: ZARA (SOLD)
Size: small - 10 euro 
Blouse - secondhand store (SOLD)
Size: Its a youth Large -> XS - 5 euro
Shirt (can't remember where from)
Small - 5 euro
Top - Pull and Bear
Size - Large but more a medium when you waer it - 5 euro
Blouse - ZARA
Size - Large but more of a medium when you wear it - 10 euro
Blouse - secondhand store
Size: medium - 12 euro
Skirt - secondhand store
Size: Small - 5 euro (SOLD)
Ancle legging - secondhand store
Size: small - 5 euro
Sweater with short sleeves - second hand store
Size: small - 8 euro (SOLD)
Shirt: H&M
Size: Small - 5 euro
Top: H&m
Size: Small - 3 euro
Skirt: secondhand store
Size: Small - 5 euro (SOLD)
Sweater: secondhand store (SOLD)
Size: Small-Medium - 10 euro
Shirt: Famous 
Size: small - 10 euro
Blouse: McGregor - secondhand store
Size: extra small - 5 euro
Shirt: H&M
Size: small - 5 euro (SOLD)
Top: Diesel
Size: small - 15 euro

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