Analogue view of Paris I

So peeps, I finally got my film negatives back with the pictures I took during my last trip to Paris 2 weeks ago. Only my black and white film still hasn't been developed which sucks big time, but I'll make sure that I post them right away whenever I get them. 
I used 3 different types of film. One normal 400 ISO colornegative from lomography which is really good!, one 400 ISO black and white film from Ilford and one 200 ISO colornegative that expired in 1999. The reason why I use different types of film is because each of them give different results, not only in color but also in the amount of grain they give to your picture. It surprises me over and over again. That's what I love so much about analogue photography. You never know how your image will turn out but it always turns out better than what I imagined it to be. The unknown part of analogue photography is what makes it so fascinating. Enjoy ;)

Lomography 400 ISO colornegative film: 

Expired 200 ISO colornegative film: 
View from our balcony

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