My second home: Hamburg city

After having the most wonderful week together with my boyfriend in Hamburg, where he lives, I feel very sad to be home. I missed my family and friends so bad but to be honest, if I had the choice to stay there or to come back to Belgium, I would've chosen to stay in Hamburg. It became my new home and spending all this time together with my love was fantastic. I had the time of my life, being so close to him for such a long period of time, spending my day walking through this wonderful harbor city and watching the ships and their wonderful lights at night. I thought I lost my heart in Berlin, but really.. Hamburg is a 100 times more beautiful. The only thing left on my to do-list is for me to refine my German. So here are some the pictures I took during my stay. I also took some analogue black and white pictures and polaroid pictures but those will be up in another post as soon as I receive my film negatives back from the lab. 

The one who makes me happy 

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