I'm bulletproof

Today has been really inspiring for me. Everything I've been thinking about has fallen into its place. But still, I'm so caught up with the idea of leaving this place and move to another country. But the only problem is that I'm still studying at the moment. Being stuck here makes me not only sad but makes me long more to be somewhere else. I'm someone who needs changes in her life and that's why this idea has been stuck in my head for years. Sometimes I just feel like I don't really fit in. This may sound stupid/silly/dumb for some of you but this is how I feel about all this. So that's why I'm working my ass of every weekend to save up money to travel. I want to see/explore/smell/touch/experience the world and what it has to offer. And I hope I can realize this very soon..

On to today's outfit. I was wearing my new light blue with stripes-blouse I bought last week with my favorite denim cut off sleeves denim jacket, a denim short and white leggings. Okay, so it's not really the weather for it at the moment but I want to feel spring, I want summer to be there very soon. I'm sick of this weather, it makes me depressed! But the good thing about this weather is that it's BEANIE WEATHER!

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