DIY dyed and bleached denim shorts based on the new BANG BANG! collection sold by The Public Image store!

I love to be creative and so today I decided to dye my own - old - denim pants which I transformed into a short first.

While I was cleaning up my closet after realizing how many clothes I actually have, I found 2 old Levis jeans I never wear anymore. So I decided to cut one of them into a short, dye it into another color, and bleach the bottom of the short afterwards to give it a tie dye hombre look, which is very popular right now and really beautiful! 
I used the new 'BANG BANG!' shorts as an inspiration for this project. They have some pretty amazing hand dyed vintage shorts in their new collection right now, and they are sold by The public image store in Antwerp! Every short is unique and as I already mentioned: hand dyed, vintage and decorated!

So if you ever get the chance to come to Antwerp, visiting the 'the public image' store is definitely a must. It's a concept store based on apparel design. They focus on young designer talent, domestically and abroad and offer them a place to sell their line of clothing and jewelry.
What I love most about these shorts is the way they dyed and bleached the shorts. It's amazing. The shorts and color looks so delicate and carefully done. I haven't figured out how to do it myself but I'd do anything to know, haha.  My absolute favorite is the black and white one you see here. 

If you want to see more of their new collection, check out their facebook and tumblr

And also check out the other stuff they have in the store right now. They're also selling clothes from other designers all over the world.  
Some of my favorites: New Kid Vanilla, Ethel Vaughn, Long x Boy London, the handmade jewelry from Cristel Ball (which is one of my favorite) and many more! They all have a limited amount of designer pieces so if you want something, don't hesitate and be quick!

So let's see how my own creation turned out! As I said, I chose for 'intense violet' and I'm pretty happy with how good my short absorbed the color. It's not to light and not to dark, just in between. Oh, and I ripped the jeans myself to make it look more vintage!


This is the result: 
I'm pretty happy with how my short turned out!!! (better pictures will follow tomorrow, these are taken with my iphone, sorry, had no time to take out my DSRL)

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