Nike air max hunting in Roubaix

Yesterday, I went to Roubaix with 2 of my best friends to do some air max hunting and I found 2 new pairs! I'm so happy with it! I also found a golden colored baseball jacket, it was definitely worth spending the last amount of money I had left! Now I have to control myself for, hmmm, one month and a half :( Oh and if you ever have the chance to go to Roubaix, go to L'usine shopping mall and Mc Arthur Glenn shopping mall where you can find loads of different brands for cheap prices!
The first store we entered was the nike store ofcourse and I foundddddddd... these two beauties (for only 70 euros each instead of 135!): 

Charlotte and Pieter are looking for some new Nikes themselves, but I'm the only one who found some.

But Charlotte did find an awesome vest from replay for only 3 euros!! -Jealous-

Part of yesterdays outfit: 
A white blouse, my new purple dyed jeans and this knitted blouse (I'm so in love with it!). What do you think?
 And here are some Iphone pics I took yesterday:

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