Okay, so today I wanted to try out something different with my hair so I youtubed some video's about how to braid your hair. I found some really cool tutorials about the different ways/styles you have and how you should do them. That's why I wanted to make a blog to help some of you because a lot of people have difficulties with braiding hair. I'll show you 2-3 different braid styles which you definitely should try out! 

  • The fishtail braid:

① First brush your hair and bring it all at one side:
② Then split your hair in two: 
③ Now take a bit of hair from the left side and bring it to the right side. Then take a bit of the right side and take it to the left, like this: 
④ Keep doing the same thing until you get something like this (mine looks a bit weird here...):
⑤ If you get to the end, tie the fishtail braid with an elastic and you're done! It's supposed to look like this:
 → Watch this youtube video for a better explanation:
  • Strand braid:

A strand braid is a very simple type of braid. It may look a difficult because you need 5 strings of hairs instead of 3, but try it out, it's very beautiful!

① Take all your hair and put it at one side: 
② Divide your hair into 5 sections: 
③ This is the difficult part of the whole braiding process; take the first two and the the last two parts in your hands. Swirl part 1 over part 2 and bring part one underneath part 3, now do the same for part 4 and 5 and bring 4 underneath part 3 and repeat these steps (at the bottom you'll find a youtube link with a better explanation, so no worries!):
④ Your strand braid has to look like this at the end. Mine is very short because I have an annoying short part of hair which I had to work with (when I put it all at one side, one side of my hair is shorter than the other): 
→ Watch this youtube video for a better explanation:

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  1. Ik heb je gevonden, finally :). Was het even vergeten. Die fishtail heb ik eens geprobeerd, maar ik heb denk ik net teveel gelaagd of te kort haar, het lukt me echt niet haha!