Bordeaux & Denim

Studying, studying, studying. That's the only thing I do right now 'cuz my finals are almost there. I wanted to go thrifting again today but that didn't really work out because I had a shitload to do, so I'm planning on going tomorrow! Being a student at a university isn't easy, it's rough as fuck and I practically do not have a life anymore because of all the studying I have to do. But I hope my hard work will be rewarded after all. FINGERS CROSSED! 

I'm in love with the color bordeaux. Combining that color with denim and you have a perfect match, at least that's what I think of it.. I've been searching for a bordeaux colored sweater for a long time and finally found it in a thrift store. I had to have it immediately and so I bought it for only 4 euros!

As I've already mentioned, denim is one of my favorite things to wear, especially the light colored ones. In all kinds of clothing: pants, blouses, jackets,... That's why I combined two of my favorite colors and fabrics together. I combined the two with a black skirt, which matched really good but was very stupid because the weather was really bad today and I had no clue that it was so cold outside.. Luckily for me I only have school 'till 11 am. 

I got my denim blouse from H&M. I like that store but I don't really like the fabric they use for some clothes. After wearing and washing some shirt/pants/... a couple of times, they don't fit anymore, look worn out or... Besides that is H&M a very good store. They sell very fashionable clothing and I love combining it with vintage clothing I find at second hand shops/thrift stores/my grandma's closet ;) 

Knee socks, I love them. They are very stylish, do not cover the whole legs and still keep them warm. I've got mine from American Apparel 3 years ago and they still look like new. American Apparel has amazing material/fabrics, it's worth paying money for. Although it's very hard over here to find some descent knee socks. It's always a struggle to find them :(

My look wasn't complete without my favorite bag of all times! Unfortunately, it's made out of leather... I had double feelings about using/getting this bag because I'm a vegan and it's against my principles. But my mom gave it to me, so it means a lot to her and to me that I use it. As you might know or not know, I really like the Indian culture. Their symbols,style,culture,language,... It intrigues me and the prints on it made me fall in love with it immediately!

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  1. Je ziet er altijd zo leuk uit! Ik vind dat spijkerjackje echt leuk. En je plugs (je hebt je oor opgerekt toch?)! Wow :)