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I'm a very passionate photographer. I love digital but analogue is still my all time number one favorite! When my mom and I went to Berlin as a surprise for her birthday, I took my lomo lc-wide with me (analogue camera from I payed a lot for this little camera but it gives you the most amazing images ever because it has a build in wide angle lens. And finally, after one month of impatient waiting... the results!

The thing I love most about analogue photography is the fact that you never know what you're going to get. It's a mystery, you can have certain expectations about the pictures you took but you never know what the actual result will be. I also LOVE the grain and how the light manipulates the film, everything is so natural, the picture is what it is, it represents reality and shows you how the world really is. And that's the biggest difference between analogue and digital photography. You can always delete the 'bad' pictures or manipulate them afterwards (yes you can also do that the analogue way but it still is different..). Not to mention: I also love digital photography very much! But I'd rather take my analogue camera with me than my DSRL.
(I already wrote a blog about this trip to Berlin so if you're curious, read that first and then look at the pictures here..)

Something went wrong while scanning my negatives :( sorry about the I-don't-have-a-clue-where-that-stripe-comes-from

Berlin, or how I call it: my second home. It has me in it's power. As soon as I have the chance to move, Berlin it will be.

Big up for the one who made this!
Yep, this is forreal..

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