Call me crazy, or just a vintage shopaholic.

Yesterday, I went 'thrifting' again with my friend Pauline. We left my place at 1.30 pm, visited 2 big thrift stores and arrived back home at 5pm with each 3 full bags of clothes, it was insane. The moment we got in the store, nothing was safe, we had to fit everything! We found some really awesome clothes (that explains the 3 full bags of clothing...) I also found 2 pairs of shoes which were still in very good shape and bought 2 scarves. To bad they didn't have any nice bags/purses. Oh and I bought the most beautiful vest ever!

I'm going to introduce you to the world of second hand clothing. Today I'm going to sum up and show pictures of some clothes I bought yesterday. Most people are very skeptic about buying and wearing second hand clothing but I don't agree with that. You find the most beautiful and comfortable clothes and not to mention, you pay 4 times less the amount of money for the same clothes you find in regular stores, and that's what I love about thrift stores. Once I enter the store, I'm in a whole new dimension, a whole new world that opens his doors for me. Also, the fabric and quality of the clothes you find in second hand stores are much better than the ones you find in regular stores AND you can also find designers clothing for less than 4 euro!

Let's start of with this beautiful and still in very good shape blazer. It's longer than the usual blazers, it almost looks like the vest that pianists wear. I love it and I only payed 5 euro for it, CRAZY! And it matches really really really good with the beige draped blouse which I will tell you more about later.

The beige draped blouse I told about earlier, was hanging on a very long rack of clothing, somewhere at the back where nobody ever bothers to look. That's where you find the beauty's, believe me ;).
What I love about this blouse are the buttons, they have this chique vintage look and aren't used very often anymore, also the color and the bottom of the blouse and the ends of the sleeves. (3 euro)

 In the second store I found this knitted white man sweater with blue accents and when you look closely, you can see that there's an anchor pattern in it. (4 euro)

Here's another blazer I found in between 2 big other vests. It was hard to see it hanging but the pattern on the vest immediately caught my eye. And I'm so happy with this yellow blouse I found. I love everything about it, the buttons, the open neck, the sleeves,... everything. (5 euro - blazer & 3 euro - blouse)

 And last but not least, the most beautiful vest I've ever bought. I'm so so so so happy I found this one and I only paid 5 euro for it. I thought I was losing my mind but I wasn't, haha ;). Finding this really made my day! (5 euro)

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  1. Ik denk dat ik eens met jou moet gaan shoppen ;-)

    1. Dan moeten we dat maar eens plannen he! ;)