Brazil Diary: Day one and two.

Day 1 & 2
On june 23, at 3.30 am we left towards Amsterdam. With a 12 hour flight ahead of us, we packed all our stuff and left for Brazil. Not knowing how or what, we left our home and flew more than 10 000 km to the country where my grandmother was born. I was so excited to leave, 6 weeks of living at the other side of the world, with the family I had never met before and discovering places I always dreamt of to go to. The wanderlust spirit has always been inside of all of us, I was born with wanderlust blood. For me, as much as for us, traveling is some kind of therapy to get away from all whats real and gives us the opportunity to be ourselves in another perspective in a country or amongst people who don't know us and don't judge us.

Once in the air I finally started realizing that we were on our way to Brazil. After longing for this moment for so many years. I felt nervous and excited at the same time, not knowing what was there for us or what we could expect. I couldn't imagine the life there nor the habits they have or the way these people live their lives. 

After a very long and exhausted 12 hour flight, we had finally arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The next day, while still suffering from the jet lag, we went out to discover the city. First impression: amazing. It looks so different from Europe, or Belgium in particular. It looks a lot 'poorer' compared to our home country, if I may call it like this, but these people don't need more than they have right now. In Europe, people are more focussed on luxury and comfort while these people are already content with a roof above their head and food to eat. People are so creative here, changing their house from a place to live in, into a very arty place where, when you enter, everybody feels so welcome and accepted. The hospitality here is just unbelievable. The people here would give anything to you while some of them barely have anything themselves, just to make you feel comfortable in their place and country, and to make you feel welcome. And even though most of the Brazilians don't speak english, and I don't speak portugues nor does my sister, they try their best to not shut us out because we don't speak the language. This country is everything I thought it would be and I love it. Can't wait to see the rest of this wonderful country and discover it's treasures. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm very happy and lucky to be here and to have the chance to do this trip thanks to my lovely mother who worked so hard to make this happen. 

Now we're off exploring the rest of this wonderful city and country,

Moms pictures:
Mom and Charlene with my moms aunt Edna and CauĂȘ
First day and Charlene is already eating mcdonalds with my moms cousin Junior

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  1. Zo spannend voor jullie !! Groeten aan de mama en ook aan Vovo natuurlijk.
    Prachtige foto's ! Genieten....

    1. Dank je wel Veronique! We genieten er met volle teugen van! Vele groetjes terug en hopelijk brengen we de zon mee naar huis he.