Løkken, Denmark.

Coming home after such a wonderful week is so depressing.. Past saturday, I left horrible Belgium for wonderful Hamburg. A 7 hour train ride, uncomfortable as hell but worth the trip to the city in the country I love most. Hamburg, Germany. One of the few cities that really touched my heart and conquered it from the first moment I laid my eyes on the beautiful view over the harbor. Not to mention that the most wonderful person in the world lives in Hamburg so that makes the whole picture complete. Left saturday at 6.30 am, arrived at noon and had to leave again to somewhere in Germany because my man had to play a show. But was so excited for the next day. Again, a 5 hour drive but now with Løkken, Denmark as our destination. To be honest.. I was a bit nervous because I've never been to Denmark in my life before and was stoked to see that pure, still mysterious for me at that time,  beautiful country. 
For the ones who haven't been to Denmark before, you should give it a try! If you love hiking, nature, relax big time and have a care free time, Denmark is the place to be. We went all the way to the top, to a small town named Løkken. Nature everywhere, sea right in front of you, nice weather and awesome company to spend my time with. Taking long walks on the beach, watching the sun go down at night while sitting on top of the biggest dunes I've ever seen and stood on in my life. Searching for flooded animals, weird objects like maybe a treasure map, message in a bottle or treasure chest, who knew what we would find... But to make a story short: the most relaxing place I've ever been to in my life. Take a look at my pictures and you'll see what I mean ;) 

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