Graspop Metal Meeting festival 2012

Whatsup everybody! I've been away for waaaaaay to long but I'm finally back and here's my blog 'review' about a festival I've recently been to. GMM (or Graspop metal meeting) is a festival I go to every year with a bunch of friends. It's a 3 day festival but we alway stay there for 5 days. It was amazing. We had so much fun and I saw a lot of bands like: Ozzy Osbourne, August burns red, Twisted sister, Europe, H20, Amon Amarth, Emmure, While she sleeps,... Here you have some pictures and the festival flyer. 
On our way to the festival! 
My 2 posers, hihi. 
This is my beautiful mother. 
Twisted Sister rockin' the stage. 
Europe from afar.
I also took some pictures with my iphone. I'm gonna put them online as soon as I can.

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