Stay gold

 It's been a while since I posted a new 'outfit of today'. I've been really busy because my finals are getting close now and I still have lots to do and combining the two takes a lot of time. But here it is, today's outfit. 
I present to you my new golden baseball jacket by Nike! I'm so in love with it! Bought it for only 30 euros in Roubaix (together with the two pairs of Nike airs I showed you guys earlier)! It's perfect for the kind of weather we have right now (definitely not warm enough to be spring and not cold enough to feel like it's fall already). 
The back of the jacket.

Underneath the jacket, I wore a black laced blouse and a yellow shirt. Both found at a thriftstore. 
Spoiler alert - left corner...
And last but not least - the bottom: my DIY tiedyed and bleached pants I made last week, it came out perfect! I finally got the chance to wear it and it looks fabulous. I love recycling clothes and I love to be creative so why not combine both and make something very stylish out of it?! 
It's an old American Eagle trousers which I no longer wore. 

The details are amazing. I love the way the 'circles' of 'flowers' came out. And I like the fact that the end of the trousers is darker than the top.

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